5th Grade view of Israel

This year I teached about the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. After creating amazing presentation, it was time to get to know Israel. Each of thee students took photo/s of things around him/her. And together we found the right subject to write about.2 1

3rd Grade Creating QR Codes to Sites at Holon

How can they do this?

Very easy.

3rd Grade students study about thair city – Holon. So the next obvios step was to ask them about the places they know and like – So, we made a list.

Each couple choose a sight they want to write about. How do they work? With Google docs – They live far from each other and its easier to create a document at Google docs. This document contains detais about the sight: name, address, openning hours, interesting things we choose. our recommendation.

The next step was to creat an interactive photo at THINGLINK. Each couple choose a photo of the sight, added icons and info into it.

The final step was to create a QR code, so people can read and see and even hear the things they did.

Now it was my turn – creating an album.ברקודים ג4